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Tom Herman Has Surprising Message For Texas Recruits

Tom Herman Has Surprising Message For Texas Recruits

Tom Herman Has Surprising Message For Texas Recruits

Tom Herman has a surprising message for Texas recruits.

Following a disappointing 7-5 regular season, many wondered if the Longhorns and their head coach would go their separate ways.

Ultimately Texas brass decided to retain Herman, but it was clear that changes needed to be made.

Shortly after the year ended, Herman fired defensive coordinator Todd Orlando, stripped offensive coordinator Tim Beck of his responsibilities and reassigned receivers coach Corby Meekins to a different role.

On Thursday, Herman was pressed on how he would answer recruits who questioned his multiple coaching changes.

His response caught some people off guard.

“To think that you’re going to play for the same position coach and/or coordinator for your entire career, that’s pretty rare,” he replied.

Generally speaking, one of the main things recruits look for is a strong foundation. And one of the hallmarks of a program with a strong foundation carrying over strong coaches year over year.

The big problem facing Herman after this disappointing season is not just that he and his program underwhelmed. Texas observers have long since gotten accustomed to 7-5 seasons, last year’s campaign notwithstanding.

What is really hurting Herman right now is that everyone got a sneak peak into what Texas should have looked like by watching Baylor exceed expectations all year long.

Ultimately, Matt Rhule was everything that Longhorns fans hoped Herman would be when the school signed him.

Will recruits hold the fact that he made some coaching changes against Herman? Probably not. But do these changes add to the overall perception that Texas is not heading in the right direction as a football program?


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