Tom Brady’s Private Issues With Patriots

Tom Brady’s Private Issues With Patriots

Tom Brady’s Private Issues With Patriots

Tom Brady’s private issues with the Patriots were recently exposed by Fox Sports radio host Colin Cowherd.

The 42-year-old is set to become an unrestricted free agent this offseason, and many are wondering if he will leave New England. To date he has been linked to the Los Angeles Chargers, Miami Dolphins, Tennessee Titans, Las Vegas Raiders and Dallas Cowboys.

The Patriots are reportedly going to offer Brady $30 million per year for one or two years, but it is unclear if he will accept the deal.

Recently, on his Fox Sports radio show, Cowherd said that Brady has been “privately” complaining about New England for some time.

As a result, Cowherd warns people not to be too surprised if Brady ultimately skips town to the Cowboys.

“This whole Dallas Cowboy-Tom Brady thing, I don’t necessarily think it’s going to happen,” Cowherd said.

“But do not blow it off. Don’t blow it off. Let me give you a rule in life I know as a 50-year-old guy.

“When smart, talented, rich, successful people feel disrespected, they all do one thing. They’re going to prove a point. Tom Brady has an opportunity.

“This is the perfect moment to leave New England because they have no backup plan. They got nobody. And Buffalo is better, and Miami seems to have an identity. And now Adam Gase and (Sam) Darnold looked pretty good at the end of the year,” he continued.

“Tom doesn’t even need to be petty. He doesn’t need to be petty. He can just say, ‘You don’t think I’m Kirk Cousins? You don’t want to pay me Kirk Cousins money? You don’t want to pay me Jimmy Garoppolo money?’ Successful people who feel disrespected.”

Cowherd feels like he got good insight in Brady’s psyche thanks to his documentary.

“And we all watched ‘Tom vs. Time.’ What was your takeaway on that? He wants to be respected. Just think about this.

“He’s the number one brand and the Cowboys are the number one brand. (Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is) a visionary with marketing. It would be A-Rod to the Yankees times five. LeBron to the Lakers times four. It’s the perfect time,” Cowherd continued.

“They have no succession plan. New England would become uninteresting tomorrow. You also have (offensive line coach) Dante Scarnecchia retiring. The Patriots don’t like to spend money on wide receivers. It’s the one thing he’s demanding.

“And what do the Cowboys have? O-line, running back, wide receivers. … If Tom Brady goes to the Chargers, kind of feels like a step down. Tom goes to the Dolphins, eh, they’re rebuilding. Tom goes to the (Cowboys), you talk about a ‘blank you.’ They are the biggest brand. The richest brand.

“With the best O-line. First or second-best running back. And the weapons, New England, they’re not going to go out and spend big money on wide receivers.”

Will Brady ultimately end up with the Cowboys? Time will tell.

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