Tom Brady To Tennessee Titans A Done Deal?

Tom Brady To Tennessee Titans A Done Deal?

Tom Brady To Tennessee Titans A Done Deal?

Is Tom Brady to the Tennessee Titans a done deal?

According to a recent ESPN column, the Titans could be a realistic landing spot for the future Hall of Famer if he opts to leave the New England Patriots.

While Tennessee itself may not offer the same sort of geographical advantages that Brady’s home state of California does, it does have a lot going for it.

Namely, Brady has history with Titans head coach Mike Vrabel.

Besides Vrabel, Tennessee also has an offensive superstar in running back Derrick Henry, who would take the load off Brady in a way no one on the Patriots could have this past season.

“The Tennessee Titans could offer something no other club can: a coach in Mike Vrabel who is one of Brady’s best friends,” the article notes.

“A Derrick Henry-led power running game (assuming Henry re-signs) to help take the load off Brady in his quest to play until he is 45.

“And more explosive options at wide receiver and tight end than he currently has in New England.

“The Titans also have an abundance of cap space at their disposal. So it is hard to imagine a better fit than that, with the caveat of family/personal considerations hovering over any decision.”

Will Brady ultimately leave New England for Tennessee? We should find out once and all over the next few months.

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