Tom Brady Reveals Why He Left The Patriots

Tom Brady Reveals Why He Left The Patriots

Tom Brady Reveals Why He Left The Patriots

Tom Brady revealed why he left the New England Patriots after spending two decades with the organization.

Now, several weeks after officially making the decision to leave his old team for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the future Hall of Famer is sharing some insights into why he did what he ultimately did.

“I’ve learned so much during my 20 years in New England — and I want to bring those things to a new team,” he wrote.

“Right now, though, I have things to prove to myself. The only way is through. If I don’t go for it, I’ll never know what I could have accomplished.

“Wanting to do something is different from actually doing it. If I stood at the bottom of a mountain, and told myself I could scale the highest peak, but then didn’t do anything about it, what’s the point of that?”

How successful will the Buccaneers ultimately be with Brady at the helm? Time will tell.

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