Tom Brady Officially Returning To New England Patriots?

Tom Brady Officially Returning To New England Patriots?

Tom Brady Officially Returning To New England Patriots?

Is Tom Brady officially returning to the New England Patriots?

That is the impression some insiders have.

Over the past few weeks, speculation has run rampant that Brady is on his way out of town. This notion is not totally unfounded.

Brady has offered very little indication to date that he is interested in returning to New England. That said, the reason why he has offered so little indication is because he has not really talked about his pending free agency at all.

It is almost as if by not explicitly coming out and claiming that he wants to return to the Patriots, many have taken it as a sign that he wants to go elsewhere.

That, coupled with the interest that the Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins and Tennessee Titans have shown in him, has been a recipe for endless rumors.

To date, however, Brady has not really shown himself as being inclined to leave New England. The Patriots are the team that drafted him and with which he won six Super Bowls.

According to various insiders who have spoken to the Bleacher Report, the odds of the 42-year-old playing somewhere new next season are not as high as many seem to think.

“[Bill] Belichick knows he can’t win a title with the quarterbacks on the market, and he knows he can’t draft one [where they are] in the first,” one NFL scout said recently.

“And don’t forget, Josh McDaniels came back. Brady will too.”

More likely than not, the Patriots will give Brady a one-year, $30 million deal that will comfortably allow him to return home. That way, everyone wins.

If Brady does leave, he will probably end up with the Chargers. But more likely than not he will end up back in New England.

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