Tom Brady May Sign With Titans, Says Colin Cowherd

Tom Brady May Sign With Titans, Says Colin Cowherd

Tom Brady May Sign With Titans, Says Colin Cowherd

Tom Brady may sign with the Titans, says Colin Cowherd.

Heading into this offseason, Brady is officially an unrestricted free agent. He can sign with any team he chooses to play for, and there is not much the New England Patriots can do about it.

Unlike the Dallas Cowboys who can simply retain their free agent quarterback Dak Prescott with a franchise tag, that option is not available to New England.

During his radio show this week, Cowherd suggested that a team other than the Patriots might have exactly what Brady is looking for.

To date, Brady has indicated that he wants to get paid a substantial amount in what will likely be his final NFL contract. Beyond that, he also wants adequate support on the offensive side of the ball – something he feels he did not have this past season.

In Cowherd’s estimation, the Titans check a lot of boxes in that regard.

“Just think of the one place that solves both of those, the two annoyances Tom can’t fix,” he said.

“Fun: Mike Vrabel’s one of his best friends. He coaches Tennessee. He’d have fun with Mike Vrabel. No. 2 is they have excellent weapons — arguably the best running back in the league, they’ve got two excellent receivers.

“A rookie last year from Ole Miss (A.J. Brown) crushed it, they’ve got a slot receiver, Adam Humphries, and a lot of draft picks. They solve the annoyances that are currently unsolvable. He would have a lot more fun and they’ve got weapons.”

Seeing as the Titans personally knocked Brady out of the playoffs this past year, the future Hall of Fame quarterback knows as well as anyone how good that team is.

Will that knowledge be enough to lure him to Tennessee when it is all said and done?

That remains to be seen.

Thus far, Brady has been linked to the Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts and Titans.

While all of those teams make sense in some capacity, the Raiders and Chargers are viewed as the favorites for Brady’s services if ultimately opts not to return to New England.

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