Tom Brady Is Heading To Dallas Cowboys

Tom Brady Is Heading To Dallas Cowboys

Tom Brady Is Heading To Dallas Cowboys

Tom Brady is heading to the Dallas Cowboys, says Colin Cowherd.

Coming into this season many wondered whether Brady and the New England Patriots would be as successful as they were in years passed.

The team’s defense was clearly strong, but Brady had far fewer weapons to work with on offense than usual.

Surely enough, the Patriots offense has been totally underwhelming this year and his frustration is apparent.

In recent weeks, he has sent a number of signals that he may leave New England once his contract expires this year.

Speaking with the Boston Herald recently, Brady’s dad also confirmed that his son returning to the Patriots was not a certainty.

There have been multiple reports linking Brady to either the Los Angeles Chargers or Denver Broncos next season, but now an interesting new contender has emerged: Dallas.

During a segment on his radio show this week, Cowherd suggested that the Cowboys would make a lot of sense for Brady at this juncture.

“My prediction is – Josh McDaniels joins him, Tom Brady to the Dallas Cowboys. … The internet would explode. … I believe Tom’s not going there by himself. He’s taking Josh McDaniels,” he said.

The obvious question is: would Dallas really drop a young emerging talent like Dak Prescott for Brady?

Normally, no.

But it is very clear that Prescott is looking to become the richest quarterback in football with his new deal. Is he actually worth that kind of money?

It depends.

Most people would not rank him above Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson at this stage of his career.

And if Prescott is demanding a payday that exceeds those guys, it would not be all that shocking to see Jerry Jones balk. Particularly if he can simply swap Brady into Prescott’s place alongside Ezekiel Elliot and Amari Cooper.

While the idea of Brady in a Cowboys uniform sounds ludicrous at first, the same could be said for him in any uniform other than New England’s.

Peyton Manning in a Broncos jersey looked weird at first, too.

This is just something that happens in the NFL. Legendary veteran quarterbacks don’t always finish their careers where they became stars.

Letting Prescott walk for a 43-year-old Brady would certainly be a bold move. But if there is one NFL owner and general manager out there who is not afraid of making bold moves, it is definitely Jones.

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  1. Oh yes Jerry, please bring us Brady. Would bring our Cowboys back as Superbowl contenders and breathe life back into our busted, cannot win for decades, Boys. Please, get Brady.

  2. Please don’t do this to the Dallas Cowboys fan base , Brady is not the Quarterback of Past.Yes I said that Tom Brady is overrated. We need a good young Quarterback like Dax Prescott to lead us back to the Promise Land. Plus you already didn’t listen to your fan base on hiring a new coach. We wanted Tony Romo

  3. Amador, are you on drugs? Or are you just nuts? Get rid of Prescott and take Brady? You really can’t be that daft. Not gonna happen. Even Jerry Jones’ is not that stupid. Geez

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