Tom Brady Is Headed To Denver Broncos

Tom Brady Is Headed To Denver Broncos

Tom Brady Is Headed To Denver Broncos

Tom Brady is headed to the Denver Broncos.

Before the season began, the notion of Brady not ending his career with the New England Patriots seemed sacrilege.

As the year has progressed, though, it has become increasingly clear that something is not right between the Hall Of Fame quarterback and the only professional franchise he has ever played for.

This past week, Brady’s father spoke to the Boston Herald and shed additional doubt on the idea that his son would end his career in New England.

“Ultimately, it’s Bill’s decision,” he said on the topic.

“Nobody really knows. Bill (Belichick) doesn’t tip his hand.”

There has been a lot of buzz about the idea that, if Brady leaves, he will end up joining the Los Angeles Chargers. The marriage makes a lot of sense on paper.

Los Angeles is a town where Brady wants to further his non-football playing ventures. The team is in desperate need of a flashy, splashy move. And obvious Philip Rivers is on the outs with management.

However, there is apparently another team on the other side of America that Brady might have some interest in – Denver.

In an interview, Peter King suggested the Broncos as a potential landing spot for Brady.

“It’s apparent that they [Denver Broncos] semi-soured on Joe Flacco and he didn’t play very well when he was healthy for Denver,” King said.

“John Elway needs to win right now and so I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened.”

King also pointed out that Denver has a lot going for it right now, even if the team’s record does not reflect that.

“Denver would provide him with Mike Munchak who is one of the best offensive line coaches in recent history,” King continued.

“I would feel comfortable knowing that Munchak would figure it out in a way that would at least get him through a season healthy.”

While seeing Brady in a Broncos uniform would no doubt be odd, we already witnessed something similar with Peyton Manning.

Star quarterbacks often end their quarterbacks on teams other than the ones they become household names on. It’s just a part of the sport.

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  1. You must have smoked yourself silly Carlos. I get you need to write articles in order to earn a living, but this is so unbelievably far fetched that us living on the moon next year would sound like more of a real story. The goat will retire as New England Patriot. And if for some reason i am wrong bring this post back to for an all expense paid trip for us to go watch him play for
    His new team.

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