Tom Brady Gives Patriots His Surprising 2020 Demands

Tom Brady Gives Patriots His Surprising 2020 Demands

Tom Brady Gives Patriots His Surprising 2020 Demands

Tom Brady gave the Patriots his surprising 2020 demands this week.

According to Fox NFL insider Jay Glazer, the 42-year-old future Hall of Famer is taking a strictly business approach as it pertains to New England.

Despite spending his whole career with the Patriots, Brady will reportedly not give any sort of “hometown discount” to the organization if it wants him back.

For years Brady has been prioritizing signing “team-friendly” contracts so as to give New England its best chance at winning a title.

No more, says Glazer.

Brady, an unrestricted free agent, played this past season a $23 million contract. Most of that sum was reportedly guaranteed.

For months now rumors have run rampant that Brady was eying a move to Los Angeles to play for the Chargers. He is looking at the entertainment business as his post-football career, and the locale would make a lot of sense.

Will the Patriots step up with a big offer to steer him away from the West Coast?

We should find out once and for all at some point in the next few months.

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  1. Why title the article with the false narrative?

    I don’t see any demands whatsoever in this article. If you’re going to use it as clickbait at least come through on the goods! Horrible article!

  2. No owner is worth what they’re making, but the money is there so top players should get paid big money and the rest of the team should be millionaires for having their bodies wrecked. Plenty of cash for everyone.

  3. Let the little whiny bitch go. Cut bait. Why pay a guy 35 million a year for a mediocre season? Let him go to the Left Coast. He’s washed up anyway. Time to cut his salary and rebuild the team.

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