Tom Brady Ending Up With Chargers, Titans Or Bucs?

Tom Brady Ending Up With Chargers, Titans Or Bucs?

Tom Brady Ending Up With Chargers, Titans Or Bucs?

Is Tom Brady ending up with the Chargers, Titans or Bucs?

It is no secret that Brady is a free agent this offseason. An unrestricted free agent, at that.

He will have his pick of the litter as far as what organization he will play for next.

To date, the Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans and Miami Dolphins have all expressed interest in bringing him in.

And that is to say nothing of the fact that the New England Patriots obviously want to retain him, and are reportedly willing to offer him $30 million annually to do so.

That said, Brady seems to have his heart set on something new.

The 42-year-old very clearly became disillusioned with the lack of talent surrounding him last season in New England. To make matter worse, he has consistently taken less than top dollar on his contracts specifically to ensure that the team enough financial wiggle room to sign free agents.

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This offseason, Brady has made his priorities clear.

Priority one is getting paid. He wants a big deal for what will likely be the final contract of his career. No more saving his team money. It’s time for Brady to get his.

Priority two is ensuring that there is a good supporting cast around him. Last year’s AFC Wild Card Game flameout versus the Titans was an embarrassment for all involved.

Brady will do everything in his power to ensure that does not happen again.

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Recently, former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver turned Fox Sports analyst T.J. Houshmandzadeh offered his prognostication on what will happen with Brady.

In his estimation, there is a “zero percent” shot at Brady returning to the Patriots.

“Brady won’t be [in New England],” he said.

“Zero-percent chance. If I had to say which team [Brady goes to], it would be one of the three between Tampa Bay, Los Angeles and Tennessee.”

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While it is unlikely that Houshmandzadeh has any special insight into Brady’s decision-making process, his confidence in the matter is intriguing.

He seems very, very certain that Brady is departing New England.

The Chargers, Titans and Buccaneers also bring their own unique sets of strengths and weaknesses to the table. All three coaches have tremendous coaching, solid defenses and big gaping holes at quarterback that Brady could fill.

Will he ultimately go to one of those teams? Time will tell.

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