Tiffany Stratton Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction During WWE Match

Tiffany Stratton Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction During WWE Match

Tiffany Stratton wrestled Bianca Belair on WWE Smackdown this past week in a memorable match-up that showcased both women’s skills.

In the end, despite everyone assuming that Stratton would emerge from this one with a victory due to various online rumors, Belair actually wound up prevailing.

Belair walked away victorious thanks a one-legged KOD – after which both participants got “this is awesome” chants from the fans in attendance.

While Belair and Stratton undeniably put on a show, what fans at home couldn’t stop talking about afterwards was wardrobe malfunction suffered by the latter party during the match.

WWE fans tend to be a vocal bunch, and this particular incident proved to be no exception:

Thus far, Stratton hasn’t come out to address the wardrobe malfunction in any real capacity. That said, clearly folks are still talking about it all these days later, so she may eventually choose to do so.

A Controversial Year For WWE Continues

While wardrobe malfunctions aren’t inherently controversial, as exemplified by the fact that America’s Sweetheart Olivia Dunne just suffered one, they do add to the WWE’s recent edgy image.

Over the past few months the nation’s premiere wrestling promotion has been embroiled in a messy lawsuit involving former owner, Vince McMahon. Multiple troubling videos involving him and Janel Grant are at the center of the legal matters involved.

A video involving a woman and Brock Lesnar has also been the source of headaches for the WWE.

This is just the latest brouhaha surrounding the promotion.

This has been a headache-filled first five months of the year for the WWE. Will the rest of 2024 ultimately prove to be a smoother ride? Time will tell.

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