The Truth About HBO’s ‘Suitman’ Peter Nelson

The Truth About HBO’s ‘Suitman’ Peter Nelson

The Truth About HBO’s ‘Suitman’ Peter Nelson

The truth about HBO’s ‘Suitman’ Peter Nelson is slowly starting to emerge.

Nelson found himself at the center of controversy this past week when Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy implicated him in a messy drama.

According to Portnoy, Nelson was likely the reason that Sofia Franklyn, a woman he (Nelson) was seeing and co-host of the podcast Call Her Daddy, attempted to leave Barstool Sports for greener pastures.

As a result, Nelson essentially became persona non grata for ticking off the King of the Internet, Portnoy.

Because Nelson was repeatedly referred to as ‘Suitman’ on Call Her Daddy, the nickname caught on.

On Wednesday, a woman posted to Reddit claiming to have previously dated Nelson. She provided adequate proof to the mods to confirm her identity, and then divulged interesting details about the HBO exec.

“This whole feud wasn’t a big surprise to me,” she wrote.

“Peter and I talked for over a year until he started dating Sofia more seriously. We would talk nonstop, on text and call, even when he’s at work or biking the streets of NYC. He has a demanding career and I thought if he’s spending this much time talking to me, this probably means something.

“In the beginning of 2019, we weren’t as connected because we would fight over his constant gaslighting and never making a point ever but we were still trying to meet. He told me he still wanted to pursue us, will meet me after April 27th. I believed in him, opened my schedule for him. He kept me hanging until 2 weeks before the trip.”

She did not stop there, though.

“Found out that he started dating Sofia, and I guess based on CHD vlogs, they started talking before March, and they did attend the event on April 27,” she continued.

“Seeing posts here on Reddit that there are some girls dating him while we were talking, I was shocked how he can juggle multiple girls, with his busy career. He is a manipulator and professional at saying ‘nothing.’ I’m sure that’s what exactly he is doing to Sofia.”

It will be interesting to see what impact this fiasco ultimately has on Nelson’s career and reputation.

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  1. Peter Nelson Predator exposed.


    There is more to the story on Peter Nelson — he took the virginity of a 19 year old girl when he was 37. I want the story to be exposed.

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