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Tate Martell Is Done At Miami

Tate Martell Is Done At Miami

Tate Martell Is Done At Miami

Tate Martell is done at Miami, that much is clear.

One of the most bizarrely intriguing storylines of the young college football season earlier this year was Martell’s status at Miami.

Martell started his collegiate career with Ohio State after a very impressive and highly-regarded high school football career.

The expectation was that he would become one of college football’s next big star quarterbacks.

Unfortunately the hype never translated into on-the-field success.

Martell slipped deep on the depth chart and never got anywhere with the Buckeyes.

When he transferred over to Miami, the thought was that Martell would finally bounce and back and live up to his potential.

Essentially that he would experience a Joe Burrow-like resurrection.

That never ended up happening, though.

Instead Martell could not win out against weak quarterback competition in Miami and ultimately had to briefly switch over to wide receiver.

Things took another turn for the worse this past Saturday when he was noticeably absent from his team’s game against FIU.

“Tate Martell remains on UM roster at this moment, but that is fluid,” Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reported.

“One player said he has left briefly multiple times this year, and Enos has said he’s going through stuff. Not at game Saturday.”

At this point, while it is unclear what Martell’s future holds as a college quarterback, this much is obvious: he is definitely done at Miami.

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