Surprising Dallas Cowboys Coaching Candidate Emerges

Surprising Dallas Cowboys Coaching Candidate Emerges

Surprising Dallas Cowboys Coaching Candidate Emerges

A surprising Dallas Cowboys coaching candidate has emerged.

After an eventful few days that saw many begin to wonder whether Jason Garrett would end up saving his job, Jerry Jones finally appears to be moving on from his current coach.

While an official announcement has yet to be made, multiple reports have noted that Garrett is officially out as Cowboys head coach.

The obvious question now becomes: who will replace him?

Dallas has a ton of talent on both sides of the ball, but had been unable to fully harness it under Garrett’s decade-long reign.

Names like Lincoln Riley and Urban Meyer have been thrown out there as potential candidates, but on Friday ESPN tossed a new name into the fray.

While appearing on ESPN’s Get Up, host Mike Greenberg suggested Dallas take a close look at Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer.

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport also recently suggested that Jones could make a move for Zimmer, who technically still has a year remaining on his deal in Minnesota.

“Put nothing past Jerry Jones — even a trade if someone he likes (such as Minnesota’s Mike Zimmer) becomes available,” he wrote.

Zimmer was a defensive backs coach with Dallas from 1994 to 1999, and the team’s defensive coordinator from 2000 to 2006.

Under Zimmer, the Vikings have amassed a 57-38-1 regular season record and have gone 1-2 in the playoffs.

It goes without saying that Zimmer’s candidacy is predicated on Minnesota wanting to part ways with him, and as such, is highly dependent on what happens this weekend against the New Orleans Saints.

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  1. The cowboys will never get and keep a top notch coach because he can’t let them do the job they were hired to do without sticking his hands in the pot and disrupting the coaching staff, because if you don’t do what he says, your shit canned. Jason Garrett should be thankful he had a 10-year tenure. Because Jimmy Johnson was a way better Coach and I don’t think he made it 10 years with Jerry sticking his nose in everyone’s business telling them how to coach

    1. Why is everyone saying Jerry Jones does this and that, sticks his nose and manipulates coaches not letting them do their jobs right etc etc…?? I mean I’m not trying to say perhaps he does have a say about what the team does here and there sometimes… BUT… does he really affect the team that much to ultimately make players have poor performances during the games?? Is he really calling the plays from the boot when they play?? Who is responsible to actually motivate the players, teach them, coach them, keep them alert and at their best when they play etc?? You are telling me JJ is affecting the team somehow to have them lose games they’rent supposed to?? How is he doing this.. when..? I don’t see him on the sidelines coaching, talking to ppl, making the play-calls for them while they play… All this talk about him being the problem has to stop! Media and fans are the ‘only’ to talk about this. I’ve never heard a player or former coach saying JJ is the problem when they play…
      Jason Garrett sure has always been a likeable coach/person, so positive and always defended his players and coaches here and there, even when it was obvious there’s was something wrong in the organization/teams performance losing against stupid teams with no way near talented players as Dallas had… If Jerry Jones affects the coaching and winning possibilities of the team, then why when Jimmy Johnson was there, Dallas won Superbowls?? Or with Tom Landry?? They had winning records and went to the playoffs I believe always while they was there… Let’s please stop finding excuses for the lack of quality coach’s performance!!! It’s been like this forever ago now! Let’s look at Sean Peyton or Bill Bellichick, or even Randy Reid! The teams they coach are always there fighting to win and do have winning seasons, somehow they pull it off because they are invested in their teams, players, their jobs!!! Whomever they hire as a new coach, we surely hope he does the same thing. Another example of winning is Seattle’s coach (Carroll) he has won SB and is always find a way to be there in the postseason… Hopefully the Boyz find that winning leader we desperately need for the true America’s team!!! 😃 Cowboys all the way!

      1. Gama, by doing what Jones does he undermines the very interior and root of the organization. And what this leads to is mediocrity and lack of respect across the board.The ONLY reason Big D won those few super bowls while under Jimmy Johnson is because Jimmy flat out told Jones to get the Flauk out of his coaching area. And why/how did Garret last a whole decade many ask? Because Garret was Jones push over, and the very reason why fans and haters of the cowboys couldn’t fathom some of the strange and crazy play calls that would happen. Why? Those play calls were undoubtedly Jones commanding over Garret on making the play calls….. and so long as Big D is hunting for a SB win, they will NEVER get it again until a coach with some major balls can step into Dallas and not give a Faulk about Jones. Hard to do, but Jimmy did it!

  2. Why the hell isn’t Mike McCarthy’s name on the top of the list ?
    He’s proven his N F L credentials super bowl and all !
    Stop looking at college coaches McCarthy’s the guy.

    1. Becaise hes not someone who will be Jerry Jones puppet. Which is why i dont take the Urban Myers talk seriously. Im an Eagles fan and even i feel sorry for cowboys fans having to put up with an owner who derails the team

  3. I would love to see Jerry Jones put Tony Romo’s name in as possible candidates for consideration as the next Dallas Cowboys Head Coach position. He is truly one of the games most smartest minds in the game today. Just listen to the games he calls . He already knows what the teams are going to do before each play. And as a ex-quarterback, he would be extremely helpful to evolving Dak Prescott into the next prolific quarterback of the future. I so really wish that Tony Romo would get some consideration for the position !

  4. Is Zimmer really an upgrade or like Mike McCarthy and Ron Riveria, a safe choice. Now I may sound like a Jason Garrett apologise, but numbers don’t lied. According to Mikey Spagnolia, Cowboys beat writer, Mike McCarthy, with Farve and Rogers, averaged 9.4 wins per season, he’s rated at 9.4. Ron Riveria is 8.9, and Jason Garrett? 9.7 with Tony Romo. Mikey said “if we adjust for Romo’s injuries and Zeke Elliott’s suspension, Garrett will be a 10.4 Coach”. Guess where Zimmer is? 10.4. Are you really upgrading? Optics said yes, but numbers don’t lied.

  5. Fire the GM!!! then sit back and enjoy the cowboys like a owner should. Hire a no nonsense coach that knows the team’s strong points and can execute them week by week. Making the necessary adjustments 🏈

  6. Who ever Jerry ends up hiring he needs to not only gain the respect of the team but also be a coach that will demand the best out of every player or let them play somewhere else. No more coddling these guys and saying it’s ok when they screw up. I’m sure this team is ashamed of this season and you can bet no feelings will be hurt by coaches getting in there face for a change.

  7. This Cowboy fan hopes J. Jones hires Lincoln Riley. If you are looking for the brightest football minds among the group of dynamic, young coaches in big time football today, Riley certainly is one of them. He is an offensive mastermind. What LSU did to the Sooners was an embarrassment, but was all about superior talent, not superior coaching.

  8. Jones should just start being an owner and not a general manager and let the coach do his job and coach his team that has a lot of potential. Jones should try and convince Tony Dungy to Coach or Bill cowher

  9. Jerry Jones needs to let the head coach do his job. He is the owner, but he wants full control. He needs to back off and quit trying to run the whole show.

  10. I’ve always wanted to ask Jerry, if he owned another team, would he hire “Jerry Jones” as GM going back to 95′, we all know Jimmy won those Superbowls with the players he picked.

  11. Post this you morons for real post this look at the other teams that have won the super bowl alot of the team that have won never have they won more than 2 super bowl and if they did win more than 2
    Super bowl they have lost Jerry Jones doesn’t care if we win a super bowls Jerry Jones is all about merchandise look ever where people are buying jerseys Caps shirt’s stickers liters coffee cups key chains even prepay card’s it’s a fucking business
    For Jerry Jones ever Sunday we go to the store to buy food for the cookouts to watch the game
    It’s all a business for him when we win the Superbowl we well not win again Jerry Jones doesn’t want us to win the Superbowl he just wants us to just keep on playing

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