Super Bowl Streaker Kelly Kay Makes Serious Accusation

Super Bowl Streaker Kelly Kay Makes Serious Accusation

Super Bowl Streaker Kelly Kay Makes Serious Accusation

Super Bowl streaker Kelly Kay made a serious accusation this week.

On the heels of her rushing onto the field during the big game last Sunday, Kelly Kay has become something of an instant celebrity.

She already had a fairly sizable following on Instagram heading into the stunt, but coming out of it her popularity has exploded.

Recently, Kelly Kay spoke to TMZ about what transpired last Sunday and made a pretty serious accusation in the process.

She said that in the process of getting apprehended by stadium security, she was reportedly “manhandled” and now has bruises covering her body.

The 27-year-old did not elaborate on the severity of the injuries beyond that. Moreover, she made no prior mention of them in the immediate aftermath of her viral Super Bowl stunt.

Kelly Kay insists that the reason she did not mention anything about it earlier is because her adrenaline was pumping at the time and she did not notice it.

According to her recollection of events, after being brought down, Kelly Kay was held by security for eight hours wearing nothing but a bathing suit.

The trespassing could ultimately earn Kelly Kay a year in jail, presuming she gets her maximum sentence.

This is not the first time a woman has tried a stunt of this sort at a big sporting event.

Last October, Julia Rose and Lauren Summer flashed the cameras behind home plate at the World Series in Washington.

It remains to be seen if the NFL will employ a similar punishment to punish Kelly Kay for her antics.

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