Suns Legend Ayyyejae Pregnant With NBA Player’s Baby?

Suns Legend Ayyyejae Pregnant With NBA Player’s Baby?

The Phoenix Suns are widely regarded as one of the best teams in the NBA today.

Two years ago, they made it to the NBA Finals. Last year they came within a game of making it to the Western Conference Finals.

Without fail, they are one of the league’s most respected squads at this point. But that wasn’t always the case.

Once upon a time, they were a struggling Western Conference bottom-dweller whose claim to fame was a young woman who went by the name Ayyyejae.

Ayyyejae became an international sensation in 2020 with a stunning admission about her purported intimate encounter with seven Suns players in a single night.

From there she even appeared to indicate that a video of the session was going to come out, despite the personal and professional consequences she faced as a result.

Since then, she has quieted down some. Until now.

According to SideAction, Ayyyejae is now pregnant. But not only that, she is also reportedly pregnant with an NBA player’s baby.

“Well Aliza seems to have slowed down a bit since her Suns days.  We’re now finding out  that ‘Ayyejae’ is now pregnant, with her first child,” the report read.

“And while Aliza isn’t revealing too much on who the father is,  there’s growing speculation that the dad is a current NBA player, which makes sense considering her past trysts.”

The visual evidence would appear to at least somewhat support this report.


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The NBA as a league is obviously no stranger to provocative and scandalous news. Between one squad getting exposed for a “sex party” and another getting busted for having a private stripper party – it was one thing after another for a while.

That said, nobody has had the lasting effect that Ayyejae objectively had.

She has and continues to be a Suns legend to this day.

Did an NBA player really get Ayyejae pregnant much like a different adult film star recently?

An answer will likely emerge in the coming months and years.

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