Steve Kerr’s Blunt Response To Warriors Trading Kelly Oubre Jr.

Steve Kerr’s Blunt Response To Warriors Trading Kelly Oubre Jr.

The Golden State Warriors are 22-22 on the year and sit ninth in the Western Conference. With Stephen Curry getting hurt recently, the door to a playoff run slowly seems to be closing.

Before the season began, many thought Golden State might return to championship glory. Unfortunately, an injury to Klay Thompson threw a wrench into the equation. In an effort to slap a band-aid over the situation, the Warriors front office decided to spend $82 million on Kelly Oubre Jr.

On paper, the move sort of made sense. Oubre was a lanky shooter with the physical attributes of a good defender. He was no Thompson, but maybe he’d be able to provide a reasonable substitute.

Sadly, it didn’t quite work out – which Warriors head coach Steve Kerr half-heartedly acknowledged not long ago.

As a result, Golden State is reportedly having conversations with multiple squads regarding Oubre.

When Kerr was asked this week about Oubre being discussed in potential trade scenarios, the Warriors coach kept it real.

“Not an easy position to be in,” he replied.

“But this is how it works. This is the NBA. He’s got an expiring deal, plays a position of need. He’s athletic and long. He’s coveted. He’s definitely coveted.”

After losing interest in Victor Oladipo, the Warriors’ trade deadline plans got a little murky. They’re currently in the running for one blockbuster trade, but it remains unclear whether it’ll happen in the next 24 hours.

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