Steve Kerr Mocks LeBron James, Lakers For Missing Playoffs

Steve Kerr Mocks LeBron James, Lakers For Missing Playoffs

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr undoubtedly has immense respect for LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. How can you not? They are a mere two years removed from winning a title.

However, that reverence didn’t stop him from taking a little jab at his conference rivals this past week.

In a recent interview, Kerr couldn’t help but mock L.A. for blowing up in such stupendous fashion this year and missing the postseason altogether.

While discussing the possibility of Jordan Poole starting in the playoffs for the Warriors, Kerr took the opportunity to make his point in a particularly eyebrow-raising way.

“It’s a possibility (Poole as a starter),” he said.

“We gotta see where (Stephen Curry) is. I think for sure we will (consider it). I like (Curry, Poole. and Klay Thompson together), you know when you get in the playoffs and you need to guard, name it, Paul George or LeBron, well, not this year. Sorry, I didn’t mean that, just a subtle jab.”

This isn’t the first time Kerr has opted to go down this path. When the Lakers let Alex Caruso go to the Chicago Bulls for no good reason, Kerr’s take on that situation also went similarly viral.

It’s easy to see why rivals are reveling in this situation – the Lakers are a mess. Anthony Davis trade rumors are intensifying; James is already eyeing his next team; and Russell Westbrook remains as delusional as ever regarding his future.

Not only did Los Angeles just suffer an immensely embarrassing campaign, but it’s also unclear how the front office plans to right the ship.

Kerr, meanwhile, is preparing for the playoffs.

To the victors go the spoils – and for this year at least, the Warriors are definitely the winners of this particular rivalry.

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