Stephen Curry’s Kobe Bryant Story On Hot Ones Goes Viral (Video)

Stephen Curry’s Kobe Bryant Story On Hot Ones Goes Viral (Video)

Stephen Curry is one of the greatest players in league history. With much of his career in the rear-view window at this point, he has some tremendous stories to tell.

Part of the reason why Curry has some fun tales to share is because he faced off against some of the sport’s icons.

Case in point: his battles with Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

This week Curry appeared on ‘Hot Ones’ and told a story about Bryant that immediately went viral.

“We were playing in a preseason game,” Curry began.

“He’s doing that mamba mentality thing, where he’s picking me up full court in a preseason game. In the first quarter, I’m like, you turn around and he’s like this — like standing there and like doing defensive slides like staying in front of me like, ‘Yo! What is happening right now? This is freaking Kobe Bryant.'”

Curry didn’t stop there.

“So he stays with me for like four or five slides, and then he bumps me, and I kind of like fall off balance,” he continued.

“So I’m actually gassed at this point. I’m tired of just trying to get in shape in the preseason game, and he’s just going, you know, all out on the defensive pressure. He’s way bigger and stronger than me. He’s bumping me and doing all that.

“After I fall, I got no option. I’m like I’m just gonna shoot it and live with it, and I shot it from probably 30 feet, and I made it, and then I act like nothing happened. It’s like the biggest ‘keep your cool’ kind of moment in your life because, you know, it’s freaking Kobe. You’re trying to be super chill about it, but I just, you know, drain one from 30 on it.

“Afterward, he picked me up and he gave me like the little-ass tap on the way back, and I couldn’t even acknowledge that either. I kinda just like knocked him off and like act like I was playing on defense,” Curry went on.

“I went right back in at halftime. I was like, I need that clip like bring me that back. I gotta save that on my phone.”

Whether he is revealing the three toughest NBA defenders he ever faced or giving his unfiltered thoughts on the Golden State Warriors trading Jordan Poole, Curry has a property for keeping it 100.

This was just the latest example of that.

Hopefully as time goes on Curry shares more stories about him and Bryant, because this one proved to be a classic.

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