Stephen Curry Talks Warriors Future, Retirement Plans

Stephen Curry Talks Warriors Future, Retirement Plans

Stephen Curry is coming off his fourth championship in eight years with the Golden State Warriors.

In addition, he also just earned the lone individual accolade that has eluded him for the entirety of his career: An NBA Finals MVP.

Understandably, he and his wife have been partying nonstop all summer.

That said, Curry has also taken some opportunities to be introspective about his career in recent weeks. It started with him revealing the one team besides the Golden State Warriors he would be willing to play for.

Then, more recently, Curry offered some thoughts on his future with the Warriors and when he may retire.

“Curry’s body doesn’t respond to heavy offseason workouts or his secret love of Chipotle like it used to,” a recent Rolling Stone column noted.

“But he has four more years left on his $215 million contract, and Curry tells me he’d like to play ‘at least that.’”

When you consider him and his wife partying like crazy and the incredible present he got from Snoop Dogg not long ago, Curry has been having a fantastic summer.

All the Warriors’ stars have. Klay Thompson and his new girl have been similarly enjoying themselves.

But soon enough, the fun times will need to end and focusing on what is ahead will need to begin. Curry knows better than anyone how hard repeating is.

The Warriors shocked a lot of people in 2021-22, but winning it all again in 2022-23 will be much harder.

If anyone can do it, it is Curry. But the path to title number five will definitely be a difficult one.

Curry is currently in a tie with LeBron James for championships. One more would elevate him above James and into Kobe Bryant territory – one shy of Michael Jordan.

How many more chips can Curry accumulate before his career ultimately come to an end? Time will tell.

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