Stephen Curry Shares NBA Finals Prediction

Stephen Curry Shares NBA Finals Prediction

Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors failed to make the postseason this year.

Despite a Herculean effort by the 33-year-old, his team was unable to beat the Los Angeles Lakers and the Memphis Grizzlies in the play-in games – thus ending an otherwise exciting season.

Curry has spoken bluntly regarding where his team goes from here, but for now, he’s happy to just sit back and enjoy watching other teams battle it out for a title.

During a recent interview with Ann Killion of the San Francisco Chronicle, Curry admitted that he is still very much watching the NBA playoffs.

“I’m not the type to turn them off because I’m not playing,” he said.

“That first Memphis-Utah game was hard, because I imagined in my head, mentally and physically, that we should be playing right now. Once we got that over, I was good. I love watching and playing. The whole deal.”

So who does Curry anticipate will take the whole thing? The Philadelphia 76ers, of course.

“I’m a pseudo-Sixer fan now,” he said, while expressing his support for brother Seth.

Whether the Sixers will ultimately be able to win a title or not remains to be seen, but it’s almost a less interesting story than the one surrounding Curry’s future with the Warriors after next season.

Lakers star LeBron James has been campaigning hard to bring Curry to LA, and although the Warriors have acknowledged the overtures, they have yet to actually re-sign their franchise player.

Presumably that move is on the way, but it’s not a done deal yet.

One way or another, this promises to be an interesting next couple of months.

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