Stephen Curry Reveals Incredible LeBron Gift He Has Kept For Years

Stephen Curry Reveals Incredible LeBron Gift He Has Kept For Years

Stephen Curry is one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

Because of his incredible impact on the sport of basketball and the culture surrounding it, it’s easy to forget that Curry’s most notable contemporary, LeBron James, had already been in the league for six years before he even got drafted.

When Curry was a star at Davidson, James kept a watchful eye out for emerging talent. Naturally, the pair’s paths crossed.

This week, Curry revealed that back when he was in college, James sent him a special gift that he continues to keep to this day.

“I was a sophomore in college and LeBron was coming to my games,” Curry told GQ Magazine. “I actually still have the jersey he gave me. He signed a jersey for me. I think that was November of my junior year. On my wall at my parents’ house in Charlotte, it’s still there. And he wrote it to me, called me the king of basketball in North Carolina. So I guess it’s like the corny idols-become-rivals thing.”

And Curry wasn’t just paying lip service there, he really did keep the jersey:

Corny or not, this is definitely an idols become rivals situation.

Over the years, James and Curry have squared off on multiple occasions with championships on the line. Curry has spoken at length about the pair’s rivalry, and it is undoubtedly one of the most interesting in NBA history.

It’s also worth remembering that James worked very hard to recruit Curry to the Lakers not long ago. So hard, in fact, that it prompted the Warriors to fight back. It didn’t work out, obviously – but it speaks to the respect that exists there.

James and Curry defined this generation of hoops with their stellar play and success. As such, it’s great to see that they have such a mutual adoration for one another.

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