Stephen Curry Names 3 Best Defenders He Ever Faced  

Stephen Curry Names 3 Best Defenders He Ever Faced  

Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter in NBA history and one of the best players to ever take the court.

Stopping him, even for elite defenders, has never been an easy task.

A lot of people have come along and claimed to be Curry stoppers, like Dillon Brooks, but few actually have the tape to back that claim up.

Heck, just last week, Curry embarrassed Brooks so severely that it may have a permanent impact on his career.

Interestingly enough, the subject of who defends Curry best is a topic he himself has thought about. Not long ago, he did an interview with GQ where he broached the matter himself.

“There’s a group of 3 that always a light bulb went off when they’re on the court,” he said.

“Jrue Holiday, Tony Allen, and Ron Artest.”

Although Curry didn’t really get a chance to face off against Artest in his prime, he still acknowledged that “if you put the ball around him, he would smack it right out of your hand.”

Curry is a student of the game. He has an in-depth understanding of not just the aspects of it that impact him, but also everything involved with basketball as a whole.

That is why him saying this about Holiday, Allen and Artest is so interesting.

If Curry is giving those three such intense props – you know he means it.

Will Curry’s decision to acknowledge Holiday, Allen and Artest have any sort of impact on how others view them as defenders? Time will tell.

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