Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant Discussing Warriors Reunion?

Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant Discussing Warriors Reunion?

Stephen Curry winning his fourth championship in eight years this past season is believed to have played some role in Kevin Durant’s decision to request a trade from the Brooklyn Nets.

This week, reports surfaced that Curry and Durant may be discussing a potential reunion.

Bucher is not alone in reporting something of this nature. ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst also said something similar:

“There’s legitimate sources in the league telling me that it’s a discussion,” Windhorst said on the Dan Patrick Show recently.

“First off, the Warriors always believe in open throttle. The Warriors have shown they don’t care what they spend. … This has been a discussion inside the Warriors organization. [Stephen] Curry’s been asked about it, and Curry gave a non-answer. But he didn’t shut it down. He didn’t say ‘hell no.’”

Windhorst has been preaching something similar to this for a week now.

“Yeah, I think this says a lot about the Warriors organization that they would be coming off a championship and Steph Curry coming off a crowning moment in his career, and he wouldn’t slam the door shut on this,” he previously said.

“Steph Curry’s got the kind of clout where he can shut this down, but he’s not. Joe Lacob is not.

“I should point out that on the same podcast, Joe Lacob said his payroll is not going to get to $400 million, which it would in all likelihood in a Kevin Durant trade. There’s also the complication of Andrew Wiggins and Ben Simmons not being allowed to be on the same roster.

“I know those are pesky details, but I think the reality is that the price tag for Durant is not high as the Nets may want it. And if the price tag maybe slips a little bit… Some teams that were just sort of casual bystanders in the first round may be like, maybe we should get in on this. And in fairness, you have to put the Warriors on that list. I don’t think it’s likely, but it would be irresponsible of my to say scratch them off.”

At this point, there is only 1 team Durant definitely doesn’t want to go to. Beyond that, everyone is fair game.

And seeing as the Nets are reportedly shocked at how bad the proposals thus far have been for Durant, there is a chance that the Warriors’ package may actually be as good as it gets.

Currently one squad is “most determined” to land Durant. But if that fails, don’t be surprised if Durant ends up back with Golden State when it’s all said and done.

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