Stephen A. Smith Has More Harsh Words For Colin Kaepernick

Stephen A. Smith Has More Harsh Words For Colin Kaepernick

Stephen A. Smith Has More Harsh Words For Colin Kaepernick

Stephen A. Smith has more harsh words for Colin Kaepernick.

In the aftermath of Kaepernick’s big workout on Saturday in front of NFL employees and media, Smith had some tough talk for the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback.

Essentially, Smith suggested that Kaepernick had not behaved like someone who wanted a spot in the NFL with his actions on Saturday.

Naturally there was a ton of backlash.

This week, Smith came out and addressed that criticism of his comments.

“I sat up here yesterday and I spoke about how his points are eradicated, I’m not talking about the kneeling. I’m not talking about the protesting,” he said.

“I’m a black man, you idiots. You think I have a problem with a man that is kneeling and protesting racial oppression and police brutality?

“Do you know anything about my history in 25 years in this damn business?”

Smith did not stop there, though.

“If you show up to a workout with a ‘Kunta Kinte’ t-shirt on, if you have the workout after bucking their offer on Saturday, then you have the press conference afterwards and take no questions, but you’re looking into the cameras and antagonizing the NFL, what you’re doing is getting in the way of your own aspiration to get back [in the league],” he said.

Smith has always been a lightning rod, so it comes as no big surprise that his comments caused a stir.

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