Steph Curry Secretly Talking About James Harden Goes Viral (Video)

Steph Curry Secretly Talking About James Harden Goes Viral (Video)

A video of Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry secretly talking about Houston Rockets star James Harden went viral this week.

In the clip, a mic’d up Curry can be seen chatting with Milwaukee Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer at last year’s All-Star game. During the conversation, the 32-year-old relays something Harden told him earlier about his preferred playing style.

“I talked to James [Harden] in the back…obviously complimented him on what he’s done. First thing he says is, it’s fun, but I want to play different. Playing by myself or whatever, heroball — he doesn’t want to play like that. He wants a system where they can actually play beautiful basketball.”

On the heels of the Rockets’ recent implosion, Curry’s retelling of what Harden told him seems particularly poignant. Obviously the 31-year-old wants to play the most efficient and effective style of basketball, but for whatever reason, that has not materialized for him.

Over the past few years Harden has racked up a ton of accolades. He won the MVP in 2018 (and probably should have won at least one more), made eight straight All-Star teams, earned six All-NBA First Team nods, and won three consecutive scoring titles.

That said – a title has eluded him. The closest he came was in 2018 when the Rockets came within a Chris Paul injury of the NBA Finals, but that was it. Him expressing a desire to play a more successful brand of basketball to Curry, someone who became a legend doing precisely that, is actually quite sad.

Fortunately, Harden is still young. He is still in his prime and has plenty of years of top-level play left in him. If he truly wants to right the ship, an opportunity will likely be afforded to him at some point.

This week, reports surfaced that although Harden was dedicated to the Rockets, he did have a wish list of teams he would love to land on should that relationship go sideways.

That wish list included: the Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat, and Brooklyn Nets. If Houston is ultimately unable to right the ship, then hopefully Harden can land with on of the teams he respects and chase a title there.

One way or another, Harden is entering an important stretch. His past actions define him for now, but the story of his full career has yet to be written. If he can find his way to a title at some point in the next few seasons, a lot of the criticism that has come his way in recent years will simply be forgotten.

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