Steelers Fans Respond To Colin Cowherd’s Odd Rant

Steelers Fans Respond To Colin Cowherd’s Odd Rant

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Baltimore Ravens 19-14 on Wednesday afternoon. They are now 11-0 on the year and seem primed for a Super Bowl run.

On the heels of Pittsburgh’s big win, professional radio provocateur Colin Cowherd went on a lengthy rant regarding why he isn’t buying into hype surrounding the team.

“Pittsburgh Steelers fans, you need to grow up,” he said.

“This is not a Super Bowl team. Go cry in your terrible towels. You’re 11-0 and it feels hollow. Just own it, Pittsburgh is not a Super Bowl team. Tennessee is better today. I know you beat them, but now Bud Dupree is out of the year. So Devin Bush and Bud Dupree are both out in your front 7, you’re NOT stopping King Henry,” he continued.

“You’re not beating Kansas City either. You can’t run the ball. How do you take the ball away from Patrick Mahomes? RUN THE BALL. YOU can’t, and had to throw 51 times last night to beat COVID-19 ravaged Baltimore.

“Two of your top 3 linebackers are out, so you’re not going to stop the run as much. You’ve had the second easiest schedule in the NFL, and you’ve faced four backup quarterbacks,” Cowherd added.

“Let’s be honest, you’re getting worse, and teams like Seattle are getting better. You’re not a Super Bowl team this morning… They’re getting dropped to about 7 in the ‘Herd Hierarchy.’ Every bit of skepticism on the Steelers is completely earned.”

Needless to say, Steelers fans took issue with this opinion.

Cowherd obviously will maintain this position no matter what, so arguing with him is pointless. That said, nothing would really drive home how wrong he is like a Super Bowl victory.

Will the Steelers be able to get it done? Time will tell.

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