Sofia Franklyn Returning To Podcasting After Call Her Daddy Drama?

Sofia Franklyn Returning To Podcasting After Call Her Daddy Drama?

Sofia Franklyn Returning To Podcasting After Call Her Daddy Drama?

Is Sofia Franklyn returning to podcasting now that all the Call Her Daddy drama has finally subsided?

Last week, fans on the Call Her Daddy subreddit wondered what happened to Franklyn, who has been silent on social media over the past two months.

“Has anyone been able to identify what Sofia is up to, how’s she doing or any career moves she may have up her sleeve?” one user wondered.

“If not I can only imagine her housewife dream has come true.”

A different user suggested that they heard she was going to start a new podcast with a friend.

“I read on here a few weeks ago that she’s starting a podcast with her friend soon,” another user responded.

Sofia Franklyn And Alex Cooper Had A Messy Break-Up

Earlier this year, Franklyn found herself at the center of a firestorm when she and former Call Her Daddy co-host Alex Cooper broke up. There was a lot of mud-slinging and controversy, but the crux of the beef seemed to be pretty obvious.

Franklyn and Cooper were engaged in a messy contract negotiation with Barstool Sports over their podcasting terms. Franklyn was being advised by her boyfriend, who allegedly was steering negotiations towards a departure from Barstool Sports.

Eventually, Cooper became uncomfortable with the direction negotiations were going in, and opted to go her own way. This caused an irreparable rift between her and Franklyn – resulting in Cooper keeping Call Her Daddy for herself and Franklyn essentially being left out on the street.

So What’s Next For Sofia Franklyn?

Since then, Cooper has returned to normal. She is podcasting on Call Her Daddy, active on social media, and carrying on as she had prior to this whole thing happening. The incident seems to have left her unfazed for the most part.

Franklyn, meanwhile, has been completely silent. Not a single peep. The last social media message from her came eight weeks ago, when she posted a black box on Instagram in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement.


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The only other notable news from her social media is that she has retained the description she changed back when fans turned on her in the midst of the Call Her Daddy drama.

“Basic, greedy, lazy, submissive, weak-minded, unable to think for myself, and that’s just a little bit about me,” it reads.

At this stage, it is unclear whether she has any plans to return to podcasting or social media. It is also impossible to know whether she and her boyfriend, who was central to the Call Her Daddy drama, are still together.

Feedback on how Call Her Daddy has been in Franklyn’s absence has been mixed. Some maintain it is as good as it has always been. Others maintain it has gotten dull now, with Franklyn’s more moderate tone noticeably missing from shows.

If fans truly have a problem with Call Her Daddy now, though, the numbers are not baring it out yet. The podcast is still the same ratings monster it was prior to Franklyn’s departure.

One way or another, if Franklyn wants to come back – she should do it soon. Fans are still wondering about her. She still has name recognition. If she waits much longer to make a return, there is a very good chance that it will not generate the same hype or buzz she might be hoping it will.

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