Small Child Who Threw Trash At Bronny James Apologizes

Small Child Who Threw Trash At Bronny James Apologizes

Small Child Who Threw Trash At Bronny James Apologizes

A small child who threw trash at Bronny James apologized on Tuesday.

Earlier this week, LeBron James called attention to an incident that occurred during a youth basketball tournament on Martin Luther King Day.

During the tournament, an unnamed fan in the stands could be seen throwing trash at Bronny as he was attempting to toss the ball inbounds.

It was unclear based on footage from the event who threw the trash.

One day later, the culprit opted to identify himself.

In a video posted to YouTube, a small child admitted he was the one who threw the trash.

A Lakers fan, the little boy said he was “just trying to get Bronny’s attention and didn’t to hurt anyone.”

“I’m sorry @james family for what I did , I’m a huge fan and I was just trying to get bronnys attention I didn’t want to hurt anyone,” he wrote on Youtube.

“I was actually there at Springfield college during hoophall I’m not lying or trying to ‘get clout’ I was in the front area seats the people around me were not my parents my parents were sitting a couple seats away because I wanted to sit closer.

“I was calling out bronnys name and just wanted him to see me the security never threw me out they never knew it was me but my mom still took me home we knew I was wrong and it not a good thing to do, believe me or not I want to send out an apology to bronny because me and my family discussed it and knew it was the right thing to do.”

LeBron apparently was aware that a child had done the deed on Monday night, but he was not overly sympathetic.

“It’s just disrespectful, and it was a little kid too,” he said.

“I don’t know how old that little kid was, so I don’t know if he learned that on his own or if he learned it at home.

“Whatever the case may be, it’s disrespectful. I wonder how old that kid is, if he is the age around Bronny’s age [15] or [James’ son] Bryce’s age [12]. I’d like to see them try that while they’re paying attention.”

Now that it is clear precisely how young the child in question is, it remains to be seen if LeBron will continue to feel the same way.

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