Should Kevin Durant Return This Season?

Should Kevin Durant Return This Season?

Should Kevin Durant Return This Season?

Should Kevin Durant return this season if the NBA season resumes to action in the next few weeks? Some people don’t think so.

During a recent interview, Jay Williams said this much.

“I think everybody’s antsy,” Williams said.

“As it relates to Kevin, it depends on the timetable of those games and how condensed it is. It’s one thing to come back and start the beginning of next season where there’s time and space between games and [you can] keep your body ramped up the right way.

“But someone coming back off an injury and go right into a playoff scenario, I don’t think it’s feasible or fair on Kevin himself. But Kevin is his own man. He’ll do what he wants to do.”

“It’s about how long will they train? How long will he play five-on-five with physical contact?” Williams said.

“There’s a lot of questions that need to be answered. Someone can have great individual workouts and pickup games but until you play in full live-game situation with teammates, I don’t know the answer.”

Will Durant ultimately end up playing? Time will tell.

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