Shawn Johnson Reveals Extent Of Her Eating Disorder

Shawn Johnson Reveals Extent Of Her Eating Disorder

Shawn Johnson Reveals Extent Of Her Eating Disorder

Shawn Johnson recently revealed the extent of her eating disorder at one point, and cautioned others to learn from her experience.

Johnson, a retired Olympic gymnast, was one of the faces of the 2008 games in Beijing, China. During that time, she restricted her caloric intake to just 700 per day in hopes of maintaining her body.

As a result of Johnson’s extreme dieting, she admits she often lost consciousness during or after practice. Furthermore, she also repeatedly missed her menstrual cycles.

When she finally called it quits from gymnastics, Johnson returned to a more normal diet. That resulted in some noticeable changes to her body.

“I had to deal with not being an elite athlete, not training 50 hours a week, eating more than 700 calories a day, which naturally would let my body to adjust and gain weight which was healthy at the time but I didn’t know how to handle it,” Johnson admitted.

“When I went on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and I had my period for the first time and I had to deal with going through puberty on national television, I hit a very low spot.”

Even at her peak weight gain, Johnson notes that she only gained about 15 pounds. Despite that, she still felt the need to take weight loss pills.

“I started taking Ephedrine,” she admitted.

“I started taking Adderall. I started doing any and everything that I possibly could to lose the weight and to look like I did at the Olympics.”

Fortunately, Johnson was able to get this negative habit under control, eventually. Now as a mother, she understands more than ever how important is to be comfortable in your own skin and love your body.

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