Seahawks Have Russell Wilson Replacement In Mind

Seahawks Have Russell Wilson Replacement In Mind

At this point it is no secret that Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks have something of an acrimonious relationship.

Wilson is unhappy with the offensive line protection he has received in recent years, plus he seems to be a bit tired of head coach Pete Carroll.

At least one serious suitor for Wilson’s services has already emerged, and more will surely follow.

The one thing seemingly precluding a deal from getting done is the fact that Seattle has no viable option to replace Wilson with. You can’t get rid of a future Hall of Famer without having an at minimum decent alternative in place for him.

As it turns out, the Seahawks actually have their eye on someone who might fit the bill.

According to Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News, “Carroll has a high opinion of Sam Darnold and could end up trading for the Jets quarterback if Seattle deals Russell Wilson.”

At this point, it’s something of an open secret that the Jets are shopping Darnold. Three teams have been very closely linked to him in recent weeks, but thus far, no deal has materialized.

In the past, Carroll has spoke glowingly of Darnold.

“I think he’s really talented without question,” Carroll said last December (via Alex Shapiro of NBC Sports).

“He’s got great throws in him. He’s a real quarterback. He sees things. He makes big plays and big throws in difficult situations because of his talent. It’s just a matter of time. Sam’s going to be a really big-time QB. He’s thrown a lot of balls in three years. He’s had a lot of experience. It will pay off in the long run.”

If the situation between Wilson and Seattle truly becomes untenable, it really wouldn’t be all that shocking at all to see him get traded away, and Darnold ultimately being acquired as his successor.

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