Saints Fans Accuse Vikings Of Cheating In Win

Saints Fans Accuse Vikings Of Cheating In Win

Saints Fans Accuse Vikings Of Cheating In Win

Saints fans accused the Vikings of cheating in Sunday’s win.

On third down and with the game on the line, Kirk Cousins delivered a picture perfect pass to tight end Kyle Rudolph.

Rudolph avoided the defense and secured the catch, giving Minnesota a 26-20 victory.

Unfortunately, the play was not without controversy.

A replay showed that right before making the reception, Rudolph seemed to push off to create space for the catch.

Officials had the opportunity to review the final play of the game to determine whether a push off had occurred, but ultimately opted not to.

As such, the Vikings walked away with an overtime win and the Saints end their season on a controversial note yet again.

Needless to say, Saints fans were not happy after the game.

Next up, the Vikings will take on the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday, January 11.

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    1. Good NO CALL by the OFFICIALS because there was contact by BOTH DB AND RECIEVER. If the db played the ball instead of facing reciever. At the last moment he would have had an easy interception or easy Break up of play which we are talking about an incomplete pass or turnover for Saints!!!

  1. Little push off, yes. What about the grab by the defender? Can’t call it cheating by Mn. the ref’s are in charge of that call.

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