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Rutgers Star Gets KO’ed In 1 Shot, Suffers Fractured Skull, Brain Bleeding

Rutgers Star Gets KO’ed In 1 Shot, Suffers Fractured Skull, Brain Bleeding

Rutgers wide receiver Carnell Davis found himself on the wrong end of a horrific altercation this week.

The end result was brutal.

According to Ahmad Austin of the Press of Atlantic City, Davis got entangled with an unknown man over a disagreement that has yet to be confirmed.

Video of the incident quickly made its way onto Facebook.

“Apparently there were some words exchanged between Carnell & some other older guy,” the person who posted the video wrote on Facebook.

“The guy provoked Carnell by saying sexual harassment things to Carnell about his mom. Carnell obviously questioned him on it.

“The guy initiated the first move, shoving Carnell … Carnell responded by defending himself with hands up. The guy throws one punch and knocks Carnell flat out, smashing his head on the pavement. He ended up in the hospital, in a coma, last night with a fractured skull and bleeding of the brain.”

Although Davis can be heard seemingly saying the man was “talking about (his) mom,” it’s impossible ascertain was precisely the man said.

From there, video of the incident speaks for itself:


“Our main concern is Carnell’s health and well-being,” a Rutgers Football spokesperson said in a statement to Austin on Tuesday.

“He is home with his family and continues to make progress in his recovery. We look forward to getting him back on campus soon.”

While sports fans are somewhat desensitized when it comes to knockouts, what with it happening again and again in various settings, the rawness of this particularly attack is deeply off-putting. It’s unlikely that this altercation will be glorified in the media the way others have been in recent months.

Further updates on Davis should come out over the next few days.

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