Russell Wilson And Ciara’s Nuggets Game Outfits Go Viral (Photos)

Russell Wilson And Ciara's Nuggets Game Outfits Go Viral (Photos)

Russell Wilson and Ciara were on hand this week to witness the Denver Nuggets win their first NBA championship in franchise history.

Ever since Wilson was traded to the Denver Broncos by the Seattle Seahawks, he and his wife have been doing their best to really ingratiate themselves within the community.

On Monday night, it was more of the same.

Decked out in the most “Denver” outfits they could find, Wilson and Ciara sat courtside to cheer the Nuggets on.

Russell Wilson And Ciara's Nuggets Game Outfits Go Viral (Photos) 1


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This isn’t the first time in recent days that Wilson and Ciara have gone viral in this fashion. The pair’s wild video from last week also caused something of a stir.

Ditto for their intimate dancing video from last month.

It feels like no matter what, Wilson and Ciara always somehow land in the headlines.

Big picture, though – in some ways the Nuggets winning a championship puts even more pressure on Wilson and the Broncos.

Last season was an unmitigated disaster for all parties involved. After expending a ton of draft capital to acquire Wilson, he wound up having one of the worst seasons of his pro career for the Broncos.

Obviously Nathaniel Hackett’s unsteady leadership didn’t help matters, hence his firing – but Wilson was the main problem.

And his teammates seemed to agree. There’s a reason a bunch of them decided to skip his birthday party. The frustration was palpable for much of last season.

In the offseason the Broncos went out and acquired Sean Payton in hopes that he could revive Wilson’s career.

Whether he will be able to or not remains to be seen, but either way, Wilson won’t have “bad coaching” to lean on as an excuse in 2023-24.

If the Broncos fail again, it will be on him.

Will Wilson be able to regain some semblance of his old way of playing next season? Time will tell, but no matter what, Ciara will be there cheering him and the Broncos on every week of the year.

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