Russell Westbrook Gets Into Fight With Ref During Lakers Game (Video)

Russell Westbrook Gets Into Fight With Ref During Lakers Game (Video)

The Los Angeles Lakers hobbled to a 126-123 victory over the Charlotte Hornets on Monday night.

Russell Westbrook scored 17 points on 5-of-15 shooting, dished out 14 assists and grabbed 12 rebounds. Naturally, because he is who he is, he also managed to turn the ball over seven times.

One of the standout moments featuring Westbrook from the game, however, had nothing to do with his play.

Rather, it featured him getting into a fight with a referee.

Things began to pop off late in the fourth quarter when Austin Reaves was called for a shooting foul on LaMelo Ball. Carmelo Anthony ended up walking through the paint prior to Ball’s free throw, which led to the Lakers’ second delay of game penalty of the night and an automatic technical foul.

That enraged Westbrook, who opted to argue with the referee who called Anthony for the technical, thereby earning his own technical foul in the process.

After the game, Westbrook spoke to the media and explained what happened.

“The ref was a little upset. I don’t know why, but he screamed at me, and I told him ‘don’t scream at me. I’m not your kid, I’ve got kids of my own. Don’t talk to me like I’m your child.’ So he gave me a tech. I’m OK with that though,” Westbrook said. “I understand there are heated moments, but we’re all grown men. And if I talk to you with respect, the refs should do the same.”

So far this season Westbrook has gotten more attention for his fights and blow-ups than anything he has achieved on the court. Eleven games into the season and he has inexplicably managed to get into a fight with not one, but two different fans. Yikes. And now add this mess with the officials on top of it.

There’s a reason Lakers head coach Frank Vogel is growing weary of Westbrook’s antics. The on-the-court production isn’t justifying the off-the-court noise.

Hopefully Westbrook finds a way to eventually get it together. Because if he doesn’t, his acquisition will go down in team history as an absolute disaster.

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