Roy Williams Apologizes For North Carolina Comments

Roy Williams Apologizes For North Carolina Comments

Roy Williams Apologizes For North Carolina Comments

Roy Williams apologized for North Carolina comments he made this past week.

The generally soft-spoken Tar Heels coach lost his cool recently.

Traditionally, North Carolina is one of the best teams in the ACC and all of college basketball. That has not been the case this year.

Things got off to a poor start when the team’s star, Cole Anthony, got injured midseason. Unfortunately, his return did not do much to save the year.

Currently, the Tar Heels are 10-16 overall through 26 outings and 3-12 in the ACC through 15 in-conference games.

As a result, North Carolina now sits behind Wake Forest by one game.

Williams’ frustration has grown as the season has progressed.

This past Monday night, his squad blew a 15-point lead against Notre Dame and ultimately fell on a three-pointer made by Nate Laszewski with under two seconds remaining.

Two days earlier, on Saturday, the Tar Heels lost in similar fashion against Virginia as a result of a Tomas Woldetensae game-winner.

And then of course there was the heartbreaking loss to Duke early in February.

All the defeats, especially given how close they have been, have taken a toll on Williams.

During a recent press conference, he actually let an f-bomb fly – a total rarity when it comes to the generally mild-mannered 69-year-old.

The curse word surprised everyone in attendance – including Williams, who promptly apologized right after the fact.

“You got two choices: You can compete your butt off, or you can get in the fetal position and curl up and start crying,” he said.

“I’m not going to freaking do that. We’re going to f—ing, excuse me, I apologize to everybody — we’re going to freaking compete. That’s what we’re going to do.

“We play Saturday. You feel sorry for yourself, and you’re going to do that for the rest of your freaking life.

“I apologize. I don’t know what I’m doing right now the way I’m cursing.”

Currently, North Carolina sits at 15th place in the ACC. Barring a miraculous performance in the ACC Tournament, there is really no viable path for Williams’ program to make the NCAA Tournament this year.

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