Real Reason Tyreek Hill Tried Divorcing Wife, Then Changed His Mind

Real Reason Tyreek Hill Tried Divorcing Wife, Then Changed His Mind

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill surprised a lot of people in January when he appeared to abruptly file for divorce from his wife of less than three months.

Hill and Keeta Vaccaro were married in November during the Dolphins’ bye week. Their union was immediately filled with tons of ups and downs – including some unfortunate paternity claims.

That being said, nothing prepared fans for what was to come in January.

In something of a bizarre turn of events, eagle-eyed fans and reporters saw that divorce papers seemingly filed by Hill’s people appeared on Broward County clerk of courts website. This was confirmed by the Miami Herald.

Hill immediately took to social media in the aftermath and tried to deny that any filling had occurred.

“I get on Twitter and see bs,” he wrote. “Boy no the heck we didn’t so don’t put that in the air !!!”

He then followed up once more in a separate post.

“We are happily married and gone stay that way.”

A day or so later, Hill came out and offered an interesting excuse for what transpired.

“Now a lot of people been in my business lately, me and Kee’s business,” Hill said. “And I just gotta say that it sucks, a lot of our stuff is public record, but behind closed doors a lot of people got fired too for just doing things without our yes.

“It sucks that me and my wife gotta go through that. Like yeah, public records says it and right now we’re in a spot of fixing it. I fired the f–king bonehead that did that mistake. Now it sucks.”

Needless to say, the entire mess left folks at home wondering: what exactly happened there?

Last week, MTO dug into the situation and offered one possible explanation.

“Media Take Out just learned that one insider is claiming that Tyreek filed to divorce Keeta because she refused to sign a postnuptial agreement,” the report noted.

“A postnuptial agreement is an agreement between spouses about protecting each other’s interest in community assets in case of divorce. These agreements can dictate how to distribute assets, provide ongoing financial support, determine who’s responsible for debts and address other similar issues.”

Whether that is true or not is obviously unknown at this time, but it seems like as valid a theory as any.

Hill has always marched to the beat of his own drum. Ditto for his wife, whose infamous encounter with a Dolphins fan will live in infamy.

But even for them, this whole ordeal was bizarre.

Hopefully at some point in the foreseeable future both come out and address what precisely occurred.

One way or the other, though – Hill and Vaccaro are currently still married. How long will that be the case for? Time will tell.

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