Real Reason Lakers Can’t Shut Down Russell Westbrook For Season

Real Reason Lakers Can’t Shut Down Russell Westbrook For Season

For all intents and purposes the Los Angeles Lakers’ season is over. Although the team is still mathematically in the hunt for a play-in game slot, most likely they won’t get it. And even if they do, the chances of them doing anything of note past that are slim to none.

Because there isn’t much left to play for this year, many have taken to wondering: why is Russell Westbrook still active? He has been a disaster from start to finish, and Lakers coaches absolutely hate him.

Why won’t the team just shut him down for the year?

This week, an answer emerged.

As it turns out, Westbrook hasn’t been shut down for the year because he doesn’t want to be.

“Because it’s bigger than me, man,” Westbrook told Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. “I’m super blessed to have a platform to be able to help show and help other people. So I’m very prideful in showing people on the outside that regardless of the situation, the circumstances that I may be going through, there are ways to be able to get through it. I strongly believe that if I’m healthy, then I’ll be able to play and go out and compete.”

Westbrook has been an unmitigated disaster for the Lakers. His own teammates are taking shots at him. Rival players are openly disrespecting him. It’s a rough scene.

It would be beneficial for everyone if LA could just shut him down for the year, trade him in the offseason, and pretend this unfortunate mistake never happened. But clearly Westbrook isn’t down with that.

This summer will prove to be fascinating. Will the Lakers ultimately be able to get out from under this awful, awful trade and make steps to improve the roster?

Time will tell.

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