Real Reason Lakers Are Cutting Ties With Dennis Schroder

Real Reason Lakers Are Cutting Ties With Dennis Schroder

Dennis Schroder’s days of being a member of the Los Angeles Lakers are almost done.

The Lakers’ front office has finally seemingly gotten to a place where they can acknowledge that the fit they had hoped for when they acquired Schroder simply never materialized.

Between how Schroder responded to LA not being willing to pay him $100 million, his controversial social media posts, and the passion with which his Lakers teammates seemed to absolutely despise him, it seems clear why the front office would want to cut its losses.

This past week NBA insider Marc Stein appeared on Chad Ford’s NBA Big Board podcast and went into great detail regarding why the Lakers have such little interest in bringing Schroder back.

“The easiest thing would be re-signing Dennis Schroder, but Dennis Schroder wants crazy money. Dennis Schroder thinks he’s a $100 million player,” Stein said. “He’s already turned down an extension in the $80 millions, and the vibe from the Lakers really is, I think they’d rather move on from Schroder. I don’t think they see Schroder as a starter. I think they like him as a Sixth Man, but they want something more out of their main backcourt guy.”

Recently, expert analysis showed what Schroder’s true worth is – and it is substantially less than $100 million.

This past season Schroder averaged 15.4 points, 3.5 rebounds and 5.8 assists in 61 outings. On paper, the numbers look decent. But in reality, they came courtesy of a pot-stirrer who has the potential to explode at any moment.

Schroder leaving the Lakers seems like a done deal. Where will he end up, though? Time will tell.

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