Real Reason Chicago Bulls Veterans Are Mad At Front Office

Real Reason Chicago Bulls Veterans Are Mad At Front Office

The Chicago Bulls were one of the most interesting squads in the NBA last season.

Not only did they sit atop the Eastern Conference for large swaths of the year, but they looked like they were built to be a legit contender for a long time.

Unfortunately, the Bulls have taken a massive step back in 2022-23. Presently the team is 14-18 and sits 11th in the Eastern Conference.

Beyond that, though – they are totally imploding. Zach LaVine is beefing with his teammates. He already has his sights set on his next team. The coaching staff is on thin ice. It’s a tough situation, all the way around.

During a recent conversation with one NBA exec, insider Sean Deveney was told that there is a ton of frustration coming from the veterans within the locker room regarding how this summer was handled.

“There is a lot of frustration from the veterans on that team that they did not do anything this summer besides (Andre) Drummond and (Goran) Dragic,” the exec said.

“Look, they sat on a full bi-annual (exception, worth $4.1 million) and most of their midlevel ($7.3 million) and they took a beat-up team from last year and just ran it back. Because they did not want to go into the tax.

“In that locker room, they’re thinking, ‘Why did we sit on all that money?’ They could have gone for a big guy. They’re wondering about Patrick Williams, too, a good young player but not a guy who is helping them win now,” he continued.

“They would not move him for (Rudy) Gobert, not for anyone. And he is giving you nine points and four rebounds, so … the bloom is off the rose there for them.”

The Bulls were being mentioned with the Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets last season as a legit Eastern Conference contender.

Their fortunes have changed in a hurry.

Obviously the NBA season is a long one and things can still improve for all parties involved. But at the moment, Chicago seems to be headed in the completely wrong direction.

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