Ravens Headsets Break Down During Titans Game

Ravens Headsets Break Down During Titans Game

Ravens Headsets Break Down During Titans Game

The Ravens headsets broke down during the Titans game on Saturday.

Generally speaking, it is never a particularly shocking sight to see a visiting team have some sort of technical difficulties when it comes to their communication equipment.

It is a bit stranger when it happens to the home team.

And yet that is precisely what occurred during this weekend’s showdown between the Ravens and Titans.

With the first quarter winding down, Evan Washburn of CBS reported that some of the Ravens coaches were having headset issues.

“During that previous possession, enough of their coaches were having interference in their headsets,” he said.

“They’re trying to remedy the problem. It didn’t cut communications, but there was clearly some coaches that were having trouble communicating upstairs.”

Fortunately for Tennessee, the Ravens’ comms systems were not completely down – only partially. If they had been fully down, NFL rules command that headset communication must be entirely turned off to make things fair for both sides.

“In the event one club experiences a coach-to-player radio system malfunction or failure, the other club does not have to shut down its system and may continue using it,” the rule states.

“However, if the coaches’ intercom system has been completely shut down on both sidelines pursuant to the equity rule, all coaches’ headsets must be removed, and radio communications from the sidelines to the field must be conducted by walkie-talkie only.”

Whether it’s the broken headsets or something else, Baltimore has not looked like its normal self thus far. Going into halftime the top team in the AFC is down 14-6.

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  1. The local radio station where I live was reporting that their headsets were malfunctioning around 11:30ish am before the game. Est. Couldn’t get it fixed in more than 8 hours? Several millionaires and at least one billionaire plus one the biggest tv conglomerates couldn’t get that done? Sounds like excuses

    1. The situation should be investigated about the headsets! How convenient! It three the ravens off!!! How about it when the lights went out? Ray Lewis brought that up in his speech during hall of fame cetemony!

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