Ramona Shelburne’s Ominous Warning About Ime Udoka, Celtics

Ramona Shelburne’s Ominous Warning About Ime Udoka, Celtics

The Boston Celtics’ decision to suspend Ime Udoka for the entirety of the 2022-23 NBA season sent shockwaves throughout the league.

All that is really known at this point is that Udoka was busted having a “consensual” relationship with a female staffer. Beyond that, the organization has kept details close to the chest.

That being said, the severity of the punishment has led many to specuate that more serious offenses than those initially admitted to were committed.

This week, in a conversation on Zach Lowe’s ‘The Lowe Post’ podcast, he and NBA insider Ramona Shelburne added fuel to the fire.

“It sounds like there is a lot to this story that may come out, may not come out, but it sounds like a lot of people are gonna be affected in pretty messy, ugly ways,” she said.

“I don’t know if we can all judge later on because this is a fair enough punishment, but I know that Ime Udoka is one of the best young coaches in the league, that he took the Boston Celtics to the Finals last year, and for them to consider such a massive penalty, it has to be pretty severe.

“So, obviously, it’s going to change the dynamics in the team now, it’s really gonna change the dynamics of their season, and we just have to trust the investigation and people handling it at this point.”

Lowe seemed to agree with the general sentiment expressed.

“Based on what we have found out [about the Udoka situation], you and I have been on the phone for 20+ hours, I do think it’s messy, and it’s ugly and it’s going to be really sad,” he added.

“Whatever happens, there’s going to be damage here one way or another.”

This whole situation has been very ugly from all sides. Between Celtics players being accused of snitching on Udoka to ownership, the troubling known specifics of his alleged indiscretions and Nia Long’s response to what has transpired – no one has escaped this incident unscathed.

The Celtics literally just made the NBA Finals. They should be feelings like the Kings of the Eastern Conference right now.

Instead, they’re dealing with a mess nobody saw coming.

Based on the ominous words of warning insiders have been offering over the last few days, it’s safe to say that there is a very good chance more details about everything will come out.

Will that information lead to further consequences for Udoka and the Celtics?

Time will tell.

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