Rajon Rondo’s Blunt Take On Difference Between Cavs, Lakers

Rajon Rondo’s Blunt Take On Difference Between Cavs, Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are 26-31 and currently sit ninth in the Western Conference. By any objective measure, they are one of the NBA’s more disappointing teams this season.

On the other side of the country, the Cleveland Cavaliers are currently 35-22 and sit third in the Eastern Conference. As depressing as LA has been this season, that is how impressive the Cavs’ run has been.

Earlier this year, the Lakers traded Rajon Rondo to Cleveland. He didn’t hide how he felt about the move.

This week, Rondo opened up about the difference between playing for a sinking ship like the current Lakers versus this young, promising Cavaliers squad.

“I was thinking about retiring,” Rondo said.

“It’s very refreshing to be around a group of men, young guys like this that’s willing to sacrifice every night.”

It’s hard not to wonder if Rondo’s statement is maybe a sideways shot at Russell Westbrook. The latter has completely refused to adjust to a more supporting role in LA, and many attribute that to the Lakers’ woes.

Moreover, Rondo and Westbrook historically have not gotten along. They mended fences this year for the sake of the Lakers, but it’s hard to know how legit that truly was.

Either way, Rondo’s assessment is a brutal one. Clearly he is very thankful to be off the Lakers. What that says about the locker room situation down in Los Angeles largely speaks for itself.

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