Raiders Signing Jameis Winston?

Raiders Signing Jameis Winston?

Raiders Signing Jameis Winston?

Are the Raiders signing Jameis Winston this offseason?

It is no secret that head coach Jon Gruden is no big fan of his current quarterback, Derek Carr.

That said, his options are limited.

Drafting a rookie quarterback in all likelihood means that the position will be in flux for the next two to three years. Trading for a veteran presence would be difficult because it would cost a lot in the way of assets.

So what can the Raiders do to upgrade at quarterback?

According to CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora, they could simply bring in Winston.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have shown very little interest in bringing Winston back, so he seems available for anyone willing to pay up for him.

Could the Raiders be that team?

La Canfora seems to think so.

“[Gruden] wants someone who is more willing to sling it downfield and make big plays,” he wrote.

“Winston just kinda looks like a Raiders QB, no? What a perfect fit for Vegas.

“Could you get him on a 2-3 year deal, kinda like a bridge situation, and also draft someone like Jordan Love? Probably,” he continied.

“Gruden loves a challenge and coaxing the picks out of Winston certainly qualifies.”

Aside from Winston, the Raiders have also been linked to Marcus Mariota.

The former Tennessee Titans quarterback is a free agent this offseason and would presumably have interest in coming to Las Vegas as a backup if there is an opportunity to win the starting job down the line later.

There have also been rumblings that Tom Brady might have some desire to join Mark Davis and Co. in Las Vegas, but he has yet to confirm or deny those rumors publicly.

One way or another, it feels like Carr’s days as the Raiders’ quarterback are numbered. Who he will be replaced with is something to watch in the coming months.

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