Raiders Officially Signing Marcus Mariota?

Raiders Officially Signing Marcus Mariota?

Raiders Officially Signing Marcus Mariota?

Are the Raiders officially signing Marcus Mariota?

It is no secret that team head coach Jon Gruden is not a big fan of Derek Carr.

As such, rumors have run rampant over the past few weeks about a change at quarterback heading into 2020 being inevitable

According to the Bleacher Report, one potential option for the Raiders is Mariota.

The former Tennessee Titans first round draft pick found himself the odd man out when the organization brought in Ryan Tannehill.

Nevertheless, he is still widely regarded as a talented dual threat option who could conceivably start for an NFL team.

“While Carr is an adequate quarterback who will likely open the 2020 season with the Raiders in Las Vegas, Mariota could give Gruden a viable backup option,” the report noted.

“Mariota’s ball-carrying capability, coupled with Gruden’s tendency to lean on a run-heavy attack, may spark discussion for a change at quarterback if Carr disappoints in his third year operating the offense.”

If this were to happen, essentially the 26-year-old would be brought in under the guise of being Carr’s No. 2. But at the first sign of trouble, Mariota would do to Carr what Tannehill did to him.

Will the Raiders sign the 26-year-old? We should get a definitive answer one way or the other within the next couple of months.

The Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers are also considered possibly suitors for Mariota.

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