Proof That NBA Purposely Removed Kyrie Irving From Top 75 List?

Proof That NBA Purposely Removed Kyrie Irving From Top 75 List?

The NBA released its Top 75 Greatest Players of All Time list last week. Two members of the Brooklyn Nets ultimately made the cut: Kevin Durant and James Harden.

Kyrie Irving, despite being a focal point of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ infamous championship run, was notably omitted.

This week, a report surfaced that Irving was actually included on the original list – only to later be removed for reasons that remain unclear.

The evidence speaks for itself:

Irving is currently embroiled in a massive controversy over his refusal to get the COVID-19 vaccination. As a result of that, he is unable to participate in Nets home games per New City mandates.

This has led to the deterioration of Irving’s relationship with both the Nets’ front office and his one-time good friend, Durant.

Beyond that, Irving is also facing down massive financial consequences over his vaccination status.

Of course – none of that would justify his removal from the Top 75 list if he was originally there. The list measures basketball accomplishments, nothing else. And if something else did happen to get factored in, like Irving’s off-the-court controversies, then it would suddenly throw the entire integrity of the list into question.

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