Principal Says Kobe Bryant’s Death Was Karma, Pays The Price

Principal Says Kobe Bryant’s Death Was Karma, Pays The Price

Principal Says Kobe Bryant’s Death Was Karma, Pays The Price

A principal said Kobe Bryant’s death was Karma, then paid the price for those comments.

The principal, who works at a Washington state high school, also referred to Bryant as a “rapist” in a vitriolic post on her Facebook page.

Camas High School head principal Lisa Sejkora made the comments in a social media post shortly after a helicopter crash killed Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter and seven others.

The comments were made on January 26, the same day the incident occurred.

“Not gonna lie,” she wrote in a since-deleted post.

“Seems to me that karma caught up with a rapist today.”

Jeff Snell, the Camas School District Superintendent, offered an update on the situation on Tuesday.

He said that Sejkora had been placed on leave over the comments pending an internal investigation.

Sejkora subsequently apologized for her comment, saying it was a “personal, visceral reaction.”

“I want to apologize for suggesting that a person’s death is deserved,” she said in a letter sent to students and parents.

“It was inappropriate and tasteless.

“In education, we remind students to think before they post online, especially when feelings are inflamed.

“We also teach our students about context. My emotions and past experiences got the best of me in that moment.”

Sejkora asked all involved for a second chance.

“I’ve learned an important lesson and I hope that I can earn your trust back,” she wrote.

More than anything, Sejkora hopes that her comments do not tarnish the reputation of her school.

“In an educational institution, we hope that students learn that you make mistakes, you own it, you learn from it and move on. That’s how we grow as humans,” she said in an interview.

“I am hoping to model that I messed up pretty big here.”

It remains to be seen if Sejkora faces any permanent punishments over her comments.

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