Police Make Announcement On Ex-Spurs Star Josh Primo

Police Make Announcement On Ex-Spurs Star Josh Primo

The San Antonio Spurs’ decision to abruptly release Josh Primo caught many around the NBA off guard.

When it came out that Primo stood accused of exposing himself to multiple women, it quickly became evident that a messy situation was on the verge of blowing up.

And that is precisely what happened this week.

First, Primo’s accusers came out publicly to detail his alleged transgressions. Then came more specifics regarding his purported actions and how the Spurs supposedly handled them.

Finally, over the weekend, the police got involved.

“The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office has made contact with the victim involved in the Joshua Primo incident,” the department announced on Saturday.

“Preliminary investigation into the allegations is underway.”

Primo has offered something of a mixed response to everything that has occurred. Publicly, he has admitted that he has been working through trauma and that it may or may not have impacted his alleged actions. Privately, those around him have offered an odd excuse for everything that happened.

Ultimately, the justice system will need to do what it does and get to the bottom of this situation. Until all the facts are known and all sides are heard, it’s impossible to weigh in on what’s what.

Primo cleared waivers after being released by the Spurs, but it’s hard to see any team taking a chance on him right now. He is jus too hot and the risk doesn’t justify the reward.

Obviously there are other recent examples of players being accused of worse crimes and bouncing back with no issues – but in those cases the respective situations had made their way through the court system.

This hasn’t.

Based on everything that has come out thus far, it’s safe to assume that this mess will get worse before it gets better.

At this point, all anyone can hope for is that the wronged parties involved, whomever they may be, ultimately end up getting the justice they deserve.

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