Pokemon Sleep Will Let You Earn Points for Sleeping, Coming Next Year

Don’t you ever dream of earning money even when you are sleeping?

I guess Pokemon made this dream of ours come true. Nintendo has decided to come up with a new game named Pokemon Sleep, which will let you earn Pokemon points even when you are sleeping.

Nintendo is planning to come up with a game with sleep tracking successor of Pokemon Go Plus.

On Wednesday, the Japanese company announced that this game will track the period of your sleep and use that data for gameplay.

The release date for the game will be next year. Now you might even find entertainment in sleeping.

In an event in Tokyo last week, Tsunekazu Ishikara, the chief executive of Nintendo said this game would allow users to catch Pokemon without actually taking out their phones.

Pokemon Go was launched in San Francisco in the year 2016. The Pokemon Go companies Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures helped in creating a great Pokemon gaming empire.

The company created it’s a first handheld console in 1996 which sold more than 340 million units, but it did not elaborate on gameplay.

Pokemon Sleep uses how long the user sleeps which actually matches the growing concern of doctors for the market for health tracking services.

Nintendo has been trying to attract casual fans of Pokemon Go for a long time. The hybrid switch games were made beginner title friendly which sold 10million copies in March.

The complete Pokemon title is supposed to be released at the end of 2019.

The movie Pokemon Detective Pikachu that released this year made a total market of $120 million or 840crores. Nintendo has therefore decided to come up with a game version of the movie for the 3Ds handheld. They are also going to increase the range of outlets all around the world.

There is also good news for the fans of Italian Plumber Mario which has been a massive hit among the generation.

They are going to produce a Mario movie featured in Nintendo themed land constructed at Osaka Universal Studio in Japan.


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